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A Father's Love and Expertise Created This Health Aid

After trying various models of calf-stretchers, a father's desire to relieve his son's sport-induced calf pain and bedtime cramps led to a collaboration. He and a Northern California linear accelerator machinist set out to design a better calf stretcher than anything they could buy. The solution is the CalfRx Stretch-Steps. For more of the story, go here.

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Take the CalfRx Challenge

Use the CalfRx for 30 days. Track the change in range of movement using our Stretching Progress Card. If you don't see an improvement in your client's flexibility or calf cramp occurrences after this time, return the CalfRx with the Progress Card for a full refund!

Used daily, the CalfRx can reduce and stop calf cramps. Rehabilitate shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and ankle sprains. It can also restore and accelerate gait mechanics after knee and ankle surgery. And even with healthy individuals, it can improve athletic performance and recovery. Take the Challenge and help your clients improve their lower-leg health today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Muscle fatigue, dehydration, strain, mineral depletion, or simply holding a position for a prolonged period (like sitting or standing at a desk) can cause a calf to cramp. The best way to avoid calf cramps is to stay hydrated, eat right, and stretch your calves daily!

Use the CalfRx to accelerate healing after ankle sprains, calf pulls, and plantar fasciitis flare-ups and restore and accelerate gait mechanics after ankle and knee surgery. Institute a routine before and after exercise to reduce and eliminate shin splint, calf pain, and tightness. Instruct clients to use the CalfRx before bedtime to manage nighttime calf cramps. The CalfRx can improve athletic performance and minimize calf injuries with daily use before and after training and competition.

Stretching every day would be ideal, but just three days a week can provide benefits. If your clients don't have an established routine, they can create one with the CalfRx. The best medicine is a consistent preventative routine! Stretching every day doesn't guarantee they'll never get injured or have tight calves, but it will reduce the chances of various lower leg issues and make them recover more quickly. Use our number system to help your clients develop a healthy calf stretching routine with a gradual and measurable progression.

L-13" x W-14.25" x H-3.5"
The CalfRx fits into most backpacks and gym bags.

The CalfRx weighs 1.4 lbs, or about the weight of your average dinner plate.

The material of the CalfRx Stretch-Steps is a polycarbonate plastic similar to bullet-proof vest material.

The CalfRx Stretch-Steps Lifetime Warranty protects you (the original owner) against materials and production quality defects for life! If the device fails under regular use, contact us, and we will replace it!