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Why and How CalfRx Was Created

A father wanted a simple way to relieve his son's sport-induced calf pain and bedtime calf cramps. As a coach of nearly 100 All-Americans, multiple national champions, and Olympians, he set his mind to work. He started by designing a warmup that included dynamic movements. He provided his son with a post-workout static stretching routine. He encouraged his son to manage the stretching routine, so he purchased what he perceived were the best calf stretchers on the market. He saw his son struggle to use the devices, so he quickly became dissatisfied with the products. Using his expertise, he started to break down the issues with the calf stretchers he purchased. He had ideas but needed someone to build on his concepts, so he reached out to a friend who worked as a machinist at a Northern California linear accelerator. They leaned on each other's expertise and started designing a better calf stretcher than anything the father could buy. After thirteen versions and multiple testers, including youth, recreational, and world-class athletes, John and Jerry created the CalfRx Stretch-Steps.