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How To Use The CalfRx For The First Time

  1. Place the CalfRx Stretch-Steps on the ground. The surface should be flat and have high friction. Examples are a low shag rug, floor mat, rubberized gym floor or track, artificial gym turf, or even dirt. Never use the CalfRx on slick hard surfaces, as the device can slip. Examples include but are not limited to hardwood, tile, granite, linoleum, concrete, and wet or frozen surfaces. 
  2. Step into the CalfRx with the ball of your foot on the line and number 1.
  3. Step forward, keeping the leg in the CalfRx straight until you feel the tension in your calf muscle (soleus). Use the CalfRx as a reference point. You can step behind, to the middle, or past/front of the device to increase the stretch.
  4. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds, switch legs, and repeat the steps. 
  5. If you can step past the device comfortably, go to the following number and repeat for 30 more seconds. Keep repeating until you get to a number where you can only step to the middle of the device with your opposite leg.
  6. Once you find a number level challenging, start there the next time you stretch. Move up to the following number once you can step past the device comfortably. 
  7. Note: you may find that one calf is tighter than the other. For example, you might be able to step past level 3 on your right side but not on your left. We suggest you spend a little more time stretching the calf that needs to catch up. Stretch the challenged calf for 60 or 90 seconds while staying at 30 seconds on the relaxed calf side. You can move to the next level when you can step past the device with both legs.